Optics Characterization (EUV – NIR)

Micrographs of laser-induced damage sites of various laser-optical materials

At Laser-Laboratorium Göttingen, the performance of optical components for high power lasers and EUV-sources is comprehensively characterized using testing procedures in accordance with ISO standards:

Absorptance (ISO 11551)
Laser-induced damage threshold (ISO 11254)
Wavefront distortion (lens heating, compaction)
Transmittance / Reflectance
Scattering (ISO 13696)
Degradation (Long-term tests up to 1 billion laser pulses)
Fluorescence / Luminescence

Absorptance: Thermal lens in fused silica @193nm

Available radiation sources

►High power excimer lasers

  351nm, 308nm , 248nm, 193nm, 157nm

► Solid-state lasers

  1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm  (ns and ps pulse widths)

  1070nm fiber laser (500W cw)

  tunable OPO: 680 – 980 nm + IR-Idler

►Laser-induced EUV / XUV source

  13nm, 2 – 4nm