Wavefront sensing of


►EUVL plasma sources

►Free Electron Lasers

►HHG beams


EUV/XUV Wavefront Sensor
Hartmann plate

In contrast to the spectra range above 150nm, there are no transmissive optical materials available in the EUV/XUV-spectral range. In order to measure wavefronts in this case the microlens array (Hartmann-Shack) is replaced by a pinhole array (Hartmann plate).
The Hartmann wavefront sensor can be used for both coherent and incoherent radiation. It is compact, self-supproting and achromatic due to the lack of dispersive optical elements. With this EUV/XUV wavefront sensor actinic characterization and real-time optics adjustment of EUVL plasma sources, Free Electron Lasers, and HHG beams can be carried out.
In the EUV (λ = 13.5 nm) the single-pulse repeatability is λ/116 (wrms).


Wavefront measurement of Free Electron Laser FLASH (DESY/Hamburg) at λ = 13.5nm, before (left) and after (right) adjustment of beam line optics (B. Flöter, K. Mann, K. Tiedtke et al. NIM A 635, S108–S112 (2011))


Spot pattern @ λ=1.5 nm (LCLS / Stanford)
Reconstructed intensity profile














Wavelength range

Field of view

Dynamic range

Hartmann plate

Tilt range

x/y translation range

UHV compatible 

< 1 nm … 60 nm  (quantum converter)

9.0mm x 6.7 mm (larger on request)

14 bit

precision pinholes Ø75µm, 250µm pitch



mounted on CF63 flange