►Beam diagnostics (NIR, Vis, UV, EUV)

►ISO beam parameters

►Beam propagation / focusability

►M² (caustic measurement)


The Laser Beam Profiler provides high resolution real-time monitoring and quantitative characterization of spatial beam intensity distributions. Primarily designed for excimer lasers, it may be utilized for all pulsed or cw lasers as well as for incoherent sources, covering an extremely wide spectral range from NIR to soft X-rays. The UV/EUV sensitivity is achieved by a quantum conversion coating on the CCD chip.

A variety of different sensor types (large /small area, highest spatial resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range) are available and can be adapted to specific applications. The software supports also peripheric devices like adaptive mirrors, stepper motors, attenuators, shutters or power monitors. Automated ore remote-controlled measurements are facilitated by the help of a powerful macro language.

Special Features

► wide spectral range: ~ 1 …. 1100 nm

► small and large area CCD sensors

► USB 3.0 interface (ideal for laptop)

► high dynamic range (12 / 14 bit)



Near-field and far-field profile of ArF excimer laser (193nm), indicating 2nd moment beam widths

The applications comprise:

– determination of beam parameters according to ISO 11146

– diagnosis of pointing stability  (ISO 11670)

– pulse-to-pulse fluctuations

– beam propagation analysis (caustic measurement)

– Characterization of beam shape (uniformity, steepness)

according to ISO 13694 (especially for homogenized beams)

– on-line laser beam inspection (e.g. recognition of „hot spots“)

– optimizing of laser operational parameters


DUV camera


Active area [mm²]:


Pixel size [µm]:


Frame rate:

Exposure time:

Camera size:


Spectral range [nm]:



Power supply:

2/3” CCD (Sony ICX285)

9.0 x 6.7

1392 x 1040


14 bit (digital)

up to 15 fps (with 2 × 2 binning up to 30 fps)

20 µs … 500 s (automatic exposure control)

∅65  × 25 mm


~ 190 – 1100 (below 300nm via highly linear quantum converter Q1 on chip)


via USB

Software package:

Beam Diagnostics Software ´MrBeam´ 3.6 (Windows)  for real-time diagnostics according to ISO standards (ISO 11146, ISO 13694, ISO 11670)

  • Various profile acquisition modes: ´snap´, ´grab´, ´averaging´, ´floating average´, ´summation´
  • 2D profile arithmetics (ADD, SUB, MULT, DIV, EXP, LOG etc.)
  • flexible selection of area-of-interest for analytic beam evaluations
  • real-time display and evaluation of cross-sections (horizontal / vertical),
  • including profile-fit (Gaussian, super-Gaussian, top-hat etc.), ‘history’ function
  • 3D graphics with variable resolution and viewing angle
  • various colour palettes, incl. different analytic palette functions (e.g. ´intensity threshold´, ´intensity window´)
  • easy-to-use ‘zoom’-functions
  • ‘preview’ of profiles stored on disk
  • fast access to profiles stored in RAM
  • comprehensive user-programmable macro language
  • compatible with Labview
  • export of all data, plots and profiles to Windows clipboard or printer
  • on-line evaluation of beam parameters:

beam width (2nd moment)




relative pulse energy

pointing stability etc.

Customized configurations upon request, especially regarding larger / smaller active areas.